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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Alexa, Pagerank dan SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimizer or Search Engine Otimization is a way to optimize a web page to appear in specific search engines with specific keywords.

Pagerank google pagerank which is the specific value of the web page to appear in Google search engine, page rank value is provided by Google.

Relationship between SEO and page rank is if we can optimize web pages for maximum menSEOkan found or there is any possibility of the pagerank up .. the results are so definite that's about as we imagine.

Page Rank is an algorithm that serves to determine which web sites are more important / popular, Page Rank (PR) is itself a major feature of Google. In pengindeksannya PR has a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest. This means that if a site has a PR 7, then the site was clearly more popular than sites that have PR 4
High PageRank in the search engines is an absolute price for online business website owners, not least for lovers of blogging. Because of the high PageRank we can a lot of advantages can be achieved by the owner of the website / blog, including:
a. Increase visitor traffic
b. The number of Page View
c. More customers, readers or followers
d. Better conversion rates and leads to new (eg, newsletter signup)
e. Increase in business (for example, new sales)

Alexa this one is not a word - the word, but Alexa is a site that provides information about the traffic of a website. Alexa has its own indicators in the lawyer-indeksannya. Alexa index all the sites that exist in cyberspace and give him the ranking of the most high traffic sites until the lowest, so if diliat, the smaller the Alexa Rank of our site, the higher also the traffic to our site.

Alexa and Page Rank is an indicator to determine the amount of traffic a site, so getting a good number contained on the Alexa rank and Page Rank means the better the content contained in these sites. For most of the webmasters and bloggers, probably ranking in Alexa and Page Rank is not so important, but for those who follow the money-producing programs in the virtual world, where Alexa and Page Rank is very important, because the better the rank the more and more visitors are also mesmerized by the potential for ads being served, so otosmastis affecting the revenue gained.
  SEO is a way in which to improve the ranking of your website / blog in search engines (Google, Yahoo!, etc..). So it's clear if the Alexa Page Rank and SEO can be mutually linked. Of course, SEO is very important if your blog a lot of people want to be known.

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